Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

[Originally posted on August 17, 2012]

Ever since we received our wonderful engagement and wedding photos courtesy of Jenny Linh Photography (would highly recommend her!), I’ve been interested in ordering photo books to hold them all. I was on Pinterest one day and discovered a link to Jen’s blog (different Jen from Jenny Linh) at A Thousand Words and she showed the difference between traditional photo albums and digital photo books. Not only do they take up less space, but hardcover photo books are super durable and professional looking.



I chose to use the same company Jen did because they looked so wonderful on her shelf. offers high quality photo books at reasonable prices. I enjoyed using the customizable layouts with the design software, and I was giddy with joy when they finally arrived in the mail. I must’ve said, “Sam, look!” fifteen times, even though I’d already shown him the books on the computer.



I was especially attracted to the idea of printing the years on the upper portions of the spine. Can you imagine in a couple of decades having a whole row to thumb through? EEP! So exciting to think about all those memories. Of course, I’m realizing I won’t have enough pictures from 2012 to have its own book, but maybe I can clump a few years together. I’m sure when Sam and I start having kids down the road, we’ll have so many pictures we won’t know what to do with them all. (Now, don’t start getting any ideas… I know everyone is anxious for us to start blessing the world with adorable baby pandas, but that’s still many years away!)



But, speaking of baby pandas… I’m excited about the idea of sitting with them on the couch and reading our love story to them so they can see how their mommy and daddy fell in love. And then when they’re teenagers they’ll think it’s really lame and embarrassing… but maybe when they get older and come visit home from college they’ll pull the books off the shelf and read them again just for fun.



It’s important to remember where we came from and how we started. It’s nice to have something physical to hold and look at when I’m having trouble remembering which party I learned Sam’s name at or which dress I wore for our one-year anniversary date. I love our wedding album because that’s the day I became Mrs. Revell and therefore one of the happiest days.



Happy days should be immortalized with pictures and words. They’re just too precious not to.

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