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I Have Contributed to the Demise of the American Education System

That’s Sam’s classroom.  He’s currently teaching Spanish, and doing a great job so far.  The two weeks before school started, Sam was running two-a-day practices with the football team while I was in his classroom painting it red.  I also made him some posters and decorated his bulletin board.

Cute, right?

Today is his students’ first big exam, and he stayed up late last night to finish writing it.  There is a section on the test asking students to translate dates into Spanish, so I asked him to put my birthday on the test just for fun.

“I can’t,” He said, “because you were born in December.”


“So, the kids learned how to say ‘December’ wrong.”


Well, that part was my fault.  It turns out on one of the posters I made for him I listed the months, and spelled December “deciembre” instead of “diciembre.”  Sam has over 100 students, and each class got copies of the poster to study and put in their notebooks.  His students have learned the wrong way to spell (and say) diciembre, and they’re going to have a lot of trouble un-learning it.

So, when these kids are trying to pass college Spanish and their professor laughs at them for saying “deciembre,” they can send all their hatred and spite to me.  But, really, though… it goes “septiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre?”  I must’ve learned it wrong somewhere along the line.  So maybe I can send my blame to some other poor teacher’s wife pretending to know the subject just so she can help out her stressed husband.

But, for now, I’ll just make them all galletas con chispas de chocolate (chocolate chip cookies) and call it even.

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