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Rigby Havin’ a Ball

I introduced our pet chinchilla, Rigby, in a previous post.  I think everyone needs an animal around, someone to talk to, someone happy to see you after a long day.  Animals, to me, are God’s gift to us.  Some are inspirational (like pandas), some are tasty (like cows… sorry to all the vegetarians out there, I just really love steak), and some are terrific companions (like Rigby).  He’s the one who didn’t care when I spent two hours listening to “Some Nights” by Fun on repeat and singing at the top of my lungs.  He watches Say Yes to the Dress with me when Sam is at work.  He doesn’t judge me when I burn dinner and have to open the windows for a while.  He’s a great listener.

That’s why his fur is so fluffy. It’s full of secrets.

A few months ago, Rigby got stuck behind our washing machine and Sam and I went out and bought him an exercise ball.  I must say, we were mostly inspired by Rhino the Hamster from the Disney movie, Bolt.

We pulled it out tonight because Rigby has developed a bad habit of chewing on the wires behind our fridge.  We haven’t figured out how to block the gap between the fridge and the counter yet, so into the ball he goes.

Please enjoy this video of him having fun in his ball, and hug your pet.  :)

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My Condolences to Mei Xiang

This morning I woke up and was browsing Facebook in bed when I caught this piece of news from the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Facebook Page:

We are broken-hearted to share that we have lost our little giant panda cub. Panda keepers and volunteers heard Mei Xiang make a distress vocalization at 9:17 a.m. and let the veterinarian staff know immediately. They turned off the panda cam and were able to safely retrieve the cub for an evaluation at 10:22 a.m., which we only do in situations of gravest concern. The veterinarians immediately performed CPR and other life-saving measures, but sadly the cub was unresponsive. We’ll have more updates as we learn more, but right now we know is that the cub weighed just under 100 grams and that there was no outward sign of trauma or infection. We’ll share information with you as we learn more.

My heart is so heavy this morning after hearing about the panda cub.  If you’ll remember, I was so excited in my post last week announcing its birth.  I’ve shed so many tears for this baby panda this morning, and I know that won’t make sense to a lot of you.  After all, it’s only an animal in a zoo 1,300 miles away… but I was so hopeful.  To me, that little baby panda was the epitome of innocence.  It was barely 3 pounds, hairless, completely dependent on its mother.  The fact that something so vulnerable can die is a hard pill to swallow.

Here’s the last video the National Zoo posted of the baby:

It’s unfair that helpless, innocent things in this world have to die.  The only comfort is that God knows what he’s doing, and our world isn’t just spinning chaos.  Still, I’m sad about the loss of Mei Xiang’s baby and I can’t make that sadness go away right now.  When babies (human or not) die, it takes time to ponder life and take hope.

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