Luckily, Our Apartment is Missing the Self-Destruct Switch

We moved into our apartment on August 1.  That was 77 days ago, and I still don’t know which light switch works what.

It’s really a 50/50 shot every time I try to turn on the fan.

I’m having trouble settling into our new home.  Don’t get me wrong; I love our apartment and I love living here.  I’m just having trouble transitioning.  In our old house, it only took me a few hours before it felt like home, a safe place, a happy place.  Our apartment doesn’t feel like that quite yet.

It could be that our apartment isn’t the “friend hub” our college house was.  In college, our house always hosted social gatherings: birthday parties, Halo nights (for Sam), board game nights, etc.  It wasn’t at all unusual for friends to just stop by unannounced at odd hours of the night.  It was always exciting, and I loved keeping our house looking clean and cute for everyone to see.

Here, we’ve faced a big change.  Now, having friends over is a special occasion, one usually planned at least a week in advance.  Our house is quiet.  It’s strange to say, but having house guests is part of what made our old house feel so homey.  It was always full of people to share it with.  Here, it’s harder to settle in because we’re in a town with few acquaintances (I literally know one friend who lives here).  In our college town, we knew everyone.

Another reason why I’m having trouble feeling at home is this town.  It’s a beautiful town– nothing against it at all.  It’s full of beautiful ponds and lakes and I’ve enjoyed going for walks and seeing all the ducks and birds.  The problem is, I’ve never lived here, or anywhere close to here, before.  The entire area is new to me, and I haven’t done much exploring.  I only know where the grocery store, major fast food joints, the library, and the bank are.  Maybe I can fix that tomorrow when I browse some of the downtown thrift stores.

Finally, this isn’t home yet because we haven’t put down roots.  We’re renting our apartment, and our lease is only for a year.  We’re not sure how long we want to stay, and I don’t have a job I’m committed to yet.  All this uncertainty means I still get lost driving around, and I still can’t tell all of our light switches apart.

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6 thoughts on “Luckily, Our Apartment is Missing the Self-Destruct Switch

  1. It just has to be a temporary home. You can make it as homey as possible until you do set roots. I think it will be hard for it to feel just like home until that day, and it may never because apartments usually are temporary, so its hard to see it as a forever home. It’ll all work out :) all you can do is continue to make the best of it! Maybe I can plan a trip soon, I’d really love to see you guys!

  2. That would be wonderful! We’d love to see you too. We’ll probably be in Midland for a few days around Christmastime… I’ll keep you posted! :)

  3. Ron

    I still have switch trouble in our house we have lived in since 1996. ‘Course I think logically and expect the switches to be arranged logically. However, I am convinced we had a “drunk electrician” who wired this place up!!! Not much is where you’d expect it to be!

    • Haha! I always have trouble at your house, especially in the kitchen. I usually end up turning lights on and off until I find the one I’m looking for.

      • Sara

        I think we all have that problem! Not to worry…if you keep trying, you find it eventually. :)

      • Thanks, Sara! The kitchen is the hardest room… So many lights!

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