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Libraries, Cheesecake, and Chandler Bing

Our Christmas Tree. We received our amazing Yoda tree-topper for Christmas, but our tree is only a few feet tall. Next year we might have to upgrade to a bigger tree to better accommodate Master Yoda.

Life has a way of slipping by when my back is turned.  I can’t believe it’s 2013 already.  Sam wrapped up his first semester of teaching a few weeks ago, and he is happy for the break.  His first semester went well, though his coaching duties made it very busy.  I started my new job at the end of November, and I wrapped up the semester on December 21.  It feels like I hardly worked at all before Christmas break, and I haven’t gotten a paycheck yet, so I can’t really tell how work is going so far.  I enjoy my job, but it’s a little underwhelming.  I only work four hours a day and each of those four hours is spent either bending over a copy machine making sure staples don’t snag or migrating back and forth between my desk trying to look busy.  I work very quickly and there simply isn’t enough work to take up my time.  I work with great people and the work isn’t hard, so I’m not trying to complain or anything.  Maybe that’s the problem– the work isn’t challenging.  After slaving away for A+ grades in college, I feel underutilized running a copy machine.  It’s the same work I did in ninth grade working in the principal’s office for P.E. credit.

(Thank goodness they let awkward, nerdy girls like me get P.E. credit working in the office.  They saved me from a year of changing my clothes under my clothes and going to my next class all sweaty.  I did end up having to take a semester of P.E. in 10th grade, and I’m not kidding about this: my friend, Erika, and I would bring athletic pants to school in our backpacks and wear them over our jeans so we wouldn’t have to change for gym class.  Our P.E. teacher would always have some random activity planned, like volleyball or indoor soccer.  She even let us try archery– that lasted about twenty minutes until she realized giving a bunch of high schoolers bows and arrows and letting them go at it might not have been the best idea.  For those that didn’t want to participate in the activities, she let walk laps around the gym.  As long as we were constantly moving during class, we got credit.  That’s how Erika and I spent a semester walking laps around a gym wearing jeans and sweatpants at once.)

Anyway, I actually have an interview scheduled for Monday.  There’s an opening in the high school library for a library aide, and I really want it.  The position is full time and would be much more interesting work.  I’ve always loved libraries; I see them as a haven.  It’s where I always go when I need somewhere very quiet and safe. I don’t know if the job will work out because there are several other applicants who probably have a lot more experience than me, but I’m going to try anyway.  There’s also a full-time secretary position that I applied for, too.  I guess you could say I’m casting my nets far and wide.

Sam and I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the future… We don’t even know where he’ll be teaching next year.  That makes it hard for me to settle down and commit to things like this, but I’m learning to take everything one day at a time.  A few months of experience is better than no experience at all.  I know whatever works out will be the right thing.  I’m still very excited about the idea of trying a new  job soon… We’ll see what happens.

So much else happened last month!  December was very busy for us.  We celebrated our first anniversary on December 18!  Sam bought me a gorgeous necklace from James Avery that matches my wedding ring perfectly.  I was shocked… I didn’t even hint for it!  He picked it out all by himself and I absolutely love it.  He knows me so well.  We enjoyed a dinner at Carino’s Italian (that’s our go-to restaurant; not only is the food delicious, but it’s where we went on our first date, the night we got engaged, and the night we got married).  Then, we went and saw The Hobbit together, which I loved.

December 19 was our chinchilla Rigby’s first birthday.  We got him his favorite toy (a bundle of sticks he enjoys chewing to bits) and spoiled him with treats all day.  We love the little fuzzball.

On December 21, the world was supposed to end.  As a joke, Sam and I invited a bunch of our college friends to an “End of the World Afterparty” to celebrate, and they all showed up!  We ended up having eleven people in our tiny apartment, and most of them stayed the night.  It was a blast!  We ate a ton of food and played party games.

Sam and Ian were a little exhausted the day after the party. (Sam is the Korean on the right, Ian is the Korean on the left.)

The next day, we went antique shopping in downtown Waxahachie.  Then, Sam’s brother and his family arrived from Indiana on their way to Austin for Christmas with Sam’s family.  We joined them the next day and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Austin. I did a lot of baking for Christmas!  I made a Christmas Checkerboard Cake using the same technique I used for my original Checkerboard Cake.  I also made my first apple pie!

The family helped celebrate my birthday and my niece Lizzy’s birthday (mine was on the 26 and hers was on the 28) by making us a panda cake!  I was beyond excited when I first saw it.

Lizzy even made me a Hello Kitty panda on the Hello Kitty dress-up app I downloaded onto my iPhone for her.  She accidentally upgraded it to the full version for $1.99 because I was dumb enough to let a kid who can’t read yet play with my phone.  Oh well, at least I got this:

We drove to Abilene to see my extended family.  We ended up playing games and I found time to see Les Miserables, which I also loved.  We made it home in time for Sam’s brother to pass back through on the way back to Indiana.  For New Year’s Eve, our friends Ben, Camille, and Anthony came over to celebrate.  We watched the ball drop online and I made my first cheesecake.  I tried a recipe from Betty Crocker for chocolate covered cherry cheesecake and it turned out delicious!  Everyone liked it.

Our house has finally started to quiet down. It’s a wreck and I have a ton of cleaning to do, but it was worth it to see so many people we love.  Now, I’m relaxing and watching Friends.  I actually saw my first episode of Friends during Thanksgiving when my older sister, Taylor, was watching one of the Thanksgiving episodes as a re-run on TV.  I know, I know– I’m about a decade late to the party, but I absolutely love this show.  I’ve been watching low-quality episodes online, and the box set is definitely going on my Christmas list next year.  The show is just so well written and the acting is great.  I’ve become emotionally invested in the characters.  I cried when Chandler proposed to Monica; it was just so sweet.

That brings me to my final point: Chandler Bing is one of the best men in television history, hands down.  He’s definitely my favorite character on the show.  He has such a kind heart and he’s hilarious.  He’s been through a lot of difficult circumstances, but he manages to laugh about it.  He’s good at making people feel better or calming people down when they’re stressed or scared.  He’s goofy and cute.  He reminds me a lot of Sam, which is probably why I like him so much.

So, happy 2013!  Watch this clip of funny Chandler moments, and let yourself laugh.  :)

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Three Years Ago Today

On October 25, 2009, Sam asked me to be his girlfriend and my whole life changed.

Here’s us in one of our first pictures together.  We were at a birthday party, and we didn’t know each other very well.  In fact, we barely knew each other’s names.  We weren’t even Facebook friends yet (gasp).  All I knew was that he was very funny and good at Apples to Apples.

December 6, 2008

The next semester at school, our groups of friends merged and we started hanging out.  A lot.  We quickly became best friends, and I was sad to say goodbye to him for the summer when school let out in May.  He spent the summer in Austin working at a grocery store and lifeguarding, and I spent my summer in Midland working at a bookstore and a grocery store.  Even though we were both busy with two jobs, we still managed to find time to play online Scrabble with each other constantly (I lost about 90% of the games… Sam is so good at Scrabble).

When August rolled around, I was excited to move back to Abilene for a new semester at school.  The first day everyone returned, our friends all met up to say “hi.”  Sam was still cooped up in his dorm room unpacking, and I was so excited to see him that I called him and demanded that he drop everything and come see me– uh, I mean us.  Nope, scratch that, I wanted him to see me.  That’s where the confusing feelings started sprouting.

October 14, 2009

We started spending even more time together than before.  Turns out that Sam had a huge crush on me, and was finding every excuse to hang out.  Of course, I was completely naive and clueless.  Give me a break!  I’d never had a boyfriend before.  What, boys don’t just randomly agree to bake a cake with you just for fun without meaning something by it?  Oh.

Well, Sam had never been in a relationship either, but he certainly knew how to win me over.  Poor guy.  Everyone feel bad for Sam.  There he was, offering me his jacket when I was cold, bringing me candy at work, buying me soup and medicine when I was sick, carrying my backpack when he walked me to classes… And there I was, off in La-La Land, blissfully clueless that this super sweet guy was in love with me.  Oops.

October 17, 2009

Call me superficial, but one night Sam decided to put on a suit, shave, and comb his hair, and I could hardly keep my eyes off him.  Jeez.  What a hottie.  He was almost there… The next weekend was Fall Break at school, so I joined him and our friend Jeremy on a trip to Austin, where Sam is from.  We had such a fun weekend!  We enjoyed great food and did a lot of exploring.  I even talked Sam into trying on these pants.  Gah!  How could I not have known that he liked me?  He put on these pants to make me happy!

October 23, 2009

Basically, I spent the whole weekend trying to sort out a tangled mess of complicated emotions.  On the car ride home, I spent the entire three hours playing out imaginary scenarios in my head.  I couldn’t go to sleep that night without talking to Sam about it, and at around 10 p.m. we worked everything out and we’ve been together ever since.  So, today I’m celebrating me getting a clue and snatching up the greatest guy on the planet.  :)

November 11, 2009

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