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I Stayed Awake This Morning

Check out my ID badge! :)

Today was my first day of work at my new job!  I felt so strange waking up today.  For the past few months, Sam has been working and I’ve been staying at home.  Every morning, I would wake up at 6:45 and say, “Sam, it’s time to get up.”  I’d go to the closet and pick out a shirt and pants for him.  I’d go back in the bedroom and turn on the light, saying, “No, seriously, Sam, it’s time.”  He’d groan and pull a pillow over his head.  I’d track down a pair of socks for him and retrieve his shoes from the living room before prying the pillow out of his fingers.  “Sam, you’ve gotta get ready for work.”  He’d squint his eyes against the light and make an adorable grumpy face before reaching for the comforter to cover his face again.  I’d be one step ahead of him, having already pulled the comforter out of his reach.  He’d complain about the cold and I’d remind him that putting on his clothes would help with that.  Usually at this point he’d check the time on his Yoda alarm clock, affirming that, indeed, it is time to wake up.  He’d finally roll out of bed and shuffle into the bathroom to put in his contacts.  I’d manage to tame his bedhead with a squirt bottle full of water that is always too cold for Sam’s liking.  He’d finally get his clothes on and leave me at the door with a sleepy kiss, promising to have a good day like I’d request.

Here’s where Callie-from-Yesterday’s and Callie-from-Today’s paths split.  Callie-from-Yesterday would lock the door, turn off the light, crawl back under the covers on Sam’s side of the bed (it’d still be warm), and go back to sleep.  She wouldn’t even bother with setting an alarm.  She’d sleep as long as physically possible, usually till around noon.  Once her day was considerably shorter, she’d find tasks and projects to occupy her time until Sam came home later that evening.  Then she’d spend time with him and start the routine all over again the next day.

Callie-from-Today didn’t lock the door.  She couldn’t go back to bed because she didn’t have time.  She had work in 45 minutes, and she had to get dressed and eat a bowl of cereal.  Then she had to drive to her job and work at a local high school until noon.  There, she met some friendly people, designed a professional-looking cover page for teachers to use when making copies, answered phones in the front office, and took a tour of the huge campus.  While Callie-from-Yesterday was still asleep, Callie-from-Today was walking out with an ID badge around her neck and a spring in her step.  She’s excited to go back tomorrow.

It means so much to have a reason to stay awake.  For you, it might be your job, or your children, or classes at school.  Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you out of bed is a huge blessing that you should never take for granted.  Sure, everyone needs a holiday now and then, but no one wants to sleep in every day, with no one anywhere expecting you to show up.

It’s lonely, and I’m glad it’s over.  :)

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