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Happy Callie, Checking In

I haven’t checked this blog in two months.  I know, I’m the worst.  I’m like the person that buys a really awesome potted plant, takes care of it, and then forgets to water it for a while.  (Actually, I’m not like that person– I am that person.  Plants are hard.)  But, here I am, dusting off the leaves and ready for sunshine.  And, to my amazement, my blog has stayed kicking without me, getting a steady stream of views through Google and Pinterest.  The roots are still very much alive.

This has been such an insane semester!  I did end up getting a new job; I was promoted to the lead secretary in the counseling department and I was put in charge of the high school’s College & Career Center.  I know, ironic right?  There I was, fresh out of college, ready to help kids figure out what to do with their lives when I’m still not so sure what to do with mine.  However, over the past few months I’ve found a lot of joy in helping kids discover a path in life that will take them where they want to go.  I’ve had to wipe a lot of tears and say, “Yes, the real world is scary, it’s true.  But it’s also awesome.”

Me at my desk. My office is decorated with college pennants, but the Hardin-Simmons one got prime wall space by my diploma.

One of my biggest projects this semester has been helping the seniors find scholarships.  I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet for scholarship opportunities and talking to local scholarship donors.  I also organized Senior Awards Night, which was a huge ordeal and was probably about as stressful to plan as my wedding was.  Our seniors received $2.5 million in scholarships this year, partly because of my help!  The best thing this job has helped me realize is how much I love helping people.  Even though the job doesn’t pay much, it’s gratifying enough to make it worth it.

This is one of my projects for my students. I researched a bunch of scholarships and put them on slips of paper with the amount, due date, etc. I would remove them after they were due until they were all gone.

In March, I was finally approved to get breast reduction surgery.  This was something I thought about for a long time and I’m so glad I did it.  My chronic back pain is gone, I can exercise more, my clothes fit better, and I feel so much more confident.  The recovery process was difficult, but I feel back to normal now.  I’ve never been the type to condone plastic surgery, but now that I’ve been through it myself I understand a lot better why someone would want to go through that.  My surgery wasn’t for cosmetic reasons as much as it was to get rid of the back pain that often left me in tears after a long day of work.

Ready for surgery, but scared to pieces! I had never had surgery before.

The results have been more than I could ever have hoped for.  I feel 100% better.  I was out from work for nearly two weeks, and that made a stressful semester even more stressful.  However, I don’t regret it one bit.

Before, December 2012

After, June 2013

I spent my recovery surrounded by pandas…

… and a Panda, so I managed to recover just fine.

In other news, spring came and it brought bluebonnets!  God bless Texas.

My parents gave us this great old dresser.  Hopefully sometime this summer I will have a chance to paint it to match our bedroom.  Stay tuned for that!

My hair got super long…

Sam had a Star Wars themed birthday party, complete with a Darth Vader cake (chocolate cake recipe was Revell’s Food Cake) designed by me.

A bunch of friends came in to visit, and that was so great to see everybody and celebrate Sam’s special day.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Renaissance Faire with our friends Autumn and Vincent.

Ian the Korean came to visit!

Also, for the first time ever I got paid for a professional writing assignment!  I’ve been writing for a local magazine called NOW Magazine.  My first article will be published in July or August.  I will definitely post the link for you when it comes out.

Sam officially finished his first year of teaching today!  He cleared out his classroom and turned in his keys this morning.  That means we are moving again sometime this summer.  We don’t know where yet, but we are on the lookout for a Social Studies teaching position somewhere in Texas.  It’s always scary to be so uncertain about the future, but we are searching hard and I have faith something will turn up.  For now, Sam and I are enjoying the adventure.

Now you are all caught up!  I still have work for another three weeks, but after that I’ll be out for the summer and I’ll hopefully have more free time to devote to my little plant.

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What’s a “Down” Again?

I’m a brand new coach’s wife.  When Sam was applying for teaching jobs this summer, he never thought he’d be coaching.  Unlike most coaches, Sam was initially more interested in teaching and wasn’t actively seeking a coaching position.  When he showed up for the interview at Maypearl High School, he quickly found out that the position would require him to coach football, basketball, and track.  It’s been an adventure as he’s stumbled into unfamiliar territory, but so far he’s had a ton of fun coaching football.

The Panthers won their first varsity game in two years last Friday!  It was great to see the boys so pumped up and excited about their win.  The entire coaching staff deserves a big congratulations for taking the boys to the next level so soon in the season.  I’m so thankful Sam has such supportive and encouraging co-workers.  Of course, his first year of teaching will be (and already has been) a huge challenge, but he’s in a great environment to get on his feet.

I’m still looking for a job, and nothing has come up so far.  I keep hitting a lot of dead ends.  I have to admit, it’s hard to see Sam come home from a long, exhausting day of work knowing I haven’t done anything to contribute to our family funds that day.  I’m trying to be patient and not feel guilty.  I know the right job will come along when the time is right.

In my spare time, I’ve been exercising, cooking, and trying to learn something about football so I don’t feel like a complete idiot at Sam’s games.  Honestly, I attended maybe three football games in high school, two in college, and one arena football game that my brother-in-law played in.  Each game, I just went with the “cheer-when-everyone-else-does” method.  Unfortunately, now that I’m attending a couple of football games a week, that method isn’t really cutting it anymore.  It’s pretty embarrassing (and, frankly, slightly scary) to accidentally cheer for the wrong team at a small-town-Texas Friday night football game.

So, I’m expanding my vocabulary.  I know how many quarters there are and… um… Okay, I’m still working on it!  I kind of understand what a down is, but I don’t get how the points work (how come sometimes a touchdown is six points and sometimes it’s eight?).  I have a lot of trouble keeping up with where the ball is (could they maybe make it bright orange?).  But, I love the team and I really love one of the assistant coaches.  I guess all the other pieces will fall into place with a little more Wikipedia research.  Go Panthers!

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