What’s So Great About Pandas?

You might be wondering why I’m so obsessed with pandas.  I might respond with the question, “How can you not be obsessed with pandas?”

They’re very special creatures.  They’re adorable.  I just completely love them in every way.

Have I always loved pandas?  No, I wouldn’t say that.  Growing up, my favorite animal was elephants, mainly because that was the only animal I knew how to draw really well.  Nowadays, I have what I call a “Pandar.”  I can pick out panda things anywhere I go: panda shirts in Wal-Mart, panda stories on the internet, panda stickers in an office supply store, you name it.  My Pandar showed up when I started dating Sam.

In October of 2009, Sam and I got together.  It was an amazing time for us.  Neither of us had ever dated before, so everything was a new experience.  That first week, I started calling him “Panda” because I remembered people calling him a “Lazy Panda” from time to time when he would sleep through classes or slack off on homework.  I saw so many panda traits in him: he’s cute, fun to hug, and Asian.   (Maybe that makes me slightly racist?  Oh, well.)  He responded by calling me “Po,” short for “poet.”  Both names stuck, and when we’re alone we hardly ever use our actual names.

Well, the more I associated the man I love with pandas, the more I loved pandas.

Nowadays, you might call me obsessed.  I like to think of it… okay, I’m obsessed.  I love pandas.  I love Sam.  One day, we’ll have baby pandas and they’ll be completely cute.

At our wedding, there were pandas.  A friend folded an origami panda for each guest.

And, of course, our cake had a panda, too!

So, that’s why my blog has so many panda touches.  I just love pandas… but I love this one most of all.

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